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Sms Prices

Affordable cost for businesses of any size – BeeWay credo. We organize a decent bulk sending regardless of the chosen price. For large companies, there is an offer in bulk.
You can select a specific number of messages and a notification period. Wholesale discounts are available for mass mailing companies.

0,70 UAH per SMS
Up to 10000 per SMS/month
5,00 UAH per SMS
Up to 10000 per SMS/month

Different tariffs – for different business needs

A profitable offer for businesses that use SMS as their main correspondence tool. Wholesale volumes are provided for large volumes of mailings. The complexity of service for business of any scale is guaranteed.
With BeeWay you can send more than 100,000 SMS messages every month. Your customers will not go unnoticed.

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Скористайтеся найефективнішими умовами
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Prices for Viber sending

Choose the optimal price of Viber, depending on the number of required sms per month. For large companies, the wholesale cost of messages is available through the Viber application.

0,46 UAH per SMS
Up to 60thou.
0,32 Viber messages per month
до 60thou.

Different tariffs – for different business needs

Description text

Prices for Targeted SMS

To order the Targeted SMS delivery service, please, leave your contacts.

Prices on Voice & SMS SN
(rent of short numbers)

To order the short number rental service, leave your contacts.

Price for chat bot in
Telegram and Facebook

To order a chat bot service on Telegram and Facebook, leave your contacts.

Prices for Telegram, Facebook

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Payment methods:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What is Alpha Sender?

It is sender id, from which your SMS is sent to the recipient. For example, “BEEWAY.UA”.

How to create a personal Alpha Sender?

For the registration, you must provide the following information:

– Alpha Sender (only in Latin)

– Type of ownership (Legal entity – SEA, PR,)

– Vat Number and OKPO code

– Site address or other source of the company on the Internet

– Description of company services

– Purpose of informing

  • The legal company name should be present on the customer website. This information can be placed in the following sections: About the company, Contacts, For Partners, Agreement.

Alsp, when you apply Sender Id with domain UA ( sample beeway.ua) mobile carriers can request supporting documents (for a domain name and / or rights to a trademark).

All information provided by you is provided for verification to mobile operators in Ukraine. In turn, the operators have the right to demand documentary confirmation of the data specified by the user.

As agreed with the operators, the process of registering an Alpha Sender will take from 14 to 30 working days.

What is the speed of sending SMS?

The speed of sending messages ranges from 5 -100 sms per second.

How to make Sms-Sending?

In order to make an SMS -sending, you need to log in to the site (enter your username and password), if you are not registered – register. After registration, you will have 3.6 UAH on your balance, so you can test the service

Until the manager contacts you, your account will work in test mode, and some SMS may not be delivered due to the limitation and protection from spam. After a call from the manager, your account will receive the status: user. You are provided with a unique Alpha-Name (the signature of the sender, which the subscriber sees)

To create a mass sending, you have to apply for the registration of a personal Alpha Name. Also prepare a list of recipients in advance. In your personal account, go to the “Bulk sms” department.

Where will the information about my Sms-Sendings be stored?

To see which of the recipients received SMS notifications and who did not, go to the “Reports” page

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