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Bitrix24: easiness of communication

Integration with all corporate business processes within Bitrix24. Organization of a single and integrated system for managing your business and interaction with the customer base.

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular CRM on the market. Thanks to BeeWay it is possible to expand the already wide functionality of the system to a qualitatively new level, which includes automatic SMS sending to customers.

A special SMS distribution module for Bitrix24 provides the following features:

● send messages from contacts or leads;

● create differed messages;

● monitor the status of SMS;

● automate Sms sending.

BeeWay offers both bulk and personalized sms sending for Bitrix24 projects. Thanks to a special module you get the opportunity to notify customers, partners and other recipients about all the offers of your business.

Bitrix24 integration benefits

Combining all business processes in Bitrix24 with an effective SMS sending from BeeWay will allow:

● automate delivery;

● speed up the response to customer requests;

● minimize order losses;

● save on manual sending.

When using the BeeWay SMS module, you automatically increase the awareness of your own brand and contribute to the formation of a positive image of the company. Short and concise messages with useful information are a working way to attract the audience to your products and services.

Integration with Bitrix24 is a possibility to send SMS messages to the list of contacts that are on the system account. Additionally, the owner of the project gets the ability to customize the message depending on the specific business processes.

Expand your marketing potential!

Combine mailings with your CRM and CMS, scripts, payment services and online stores - build a single system of communication with customers and partners